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Soldiers / Officers backpack carry bag Russian Army model, knapsack also called sidr. Digital pixel ..
$29.95 $24.95
This backpack is called veschmeshok and rucksack, also sidr. Soviet Union issue, new old stock. Used..
Special Russian badge for sale, screw back, made for Cossacks use (Syberian Cossack Troops). Sign "T..
New Soviet Don Cossacks' black fur hat "PAPAHA". These hats were made for excellent protection from ..
Soviet Badge "SACRED PANTELEYMON CHURCH". Badge with SAINT PANTELEYMON CHURCH in Leningrad (Saint-Pe..
Russian Christians metal Name Tag with SACRED VIRGIN ..
This hat was made for Kuban Cossack Generals - part of the Russian Cossacks of the North Caucasus. N..
Ukrainian anarcho-communist Nestor Makhno bronze copper bust - leader of Makhno's Insurgent Army of ..
Fur hat of Russian Cossack Officers, from Terek Cossacks cavalry. Papaha made of Astrakhan fur, all ..
Religious Russian metal name tag "SACRED VIRGIN - SAVE AND PROTECT". ..
Religious Russian metal Christians tag "Sacred Virgin". ..
This backpack designed to use by Soviet soldiers in WWII. Made in Soviet Union 1940s. Like new condi..
The cockade badge is new, made for Cossacks of Ukrainian Army parade use. ..