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Genuine leather tactical gloves for Russian Spetsnaz and OMON ( S.W.A.T. ). Special fist protection ..
GP-7 V gas mask is being produced since 80's. Developed on the base of military PMK the mask is equi..
High-quality Russian civilian gas mask PDF with filter for sale. The mask is designed to protect the..
Military / civil protection gas mask PMG for sale, also called Nerekhta. New condition, never used. ..
Russian Troops Biological Protection Sleeve Patch Size 90mm ( 3.54 inch ).   ..
Russian Troops Radiation Chemical Protection Patch Size 90mm ( 3.54 inch ) ..
The newest anti-fragmentation goggles 6B50 recently adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Feder..
Tactical airsoft goggles 6B34 provide eye protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposur..
Windbreaker jacket BTK with two-zippered zipper with chin protection and a collar-stand for sale. Mo..
$49.95 $24.95
Water and dirt repellent coating treated with "wrx" and "armortan" technologies, giving elasticity a..
Tactical gloves for Ratnik combat gear for sale, designed to reduce damage to hands during combat op..
Russian military bulletproof protection plates for 6B45 body armor vest. 5A class protection, new un..
Military Uniform Combat Pants with Knee Pads. Features: 600D Polyester 1.3cm EVA foam com..
Soviet Army steel metal protection helmet Kaska, model M60, used in Russian Army. Original USSR item..
Winter uniform KZO-T (combined clothing) is designed to protect military personnel. Never used, prot..
L1 is a special clothing for using on the places contaminated with poisonous chemicals and emergency..