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Soviet "CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT" Badge. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Everyday shoulder boards of NKVD Sergeants for sale, People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. Desi..
Soviet Army parade wide trousers - celadone riding breeches galife. Red piping, never used, made for..
Russian Police Officer MVD embroidery white visor cap, made for Ministry of Military Justice parade ..
Special Soviet protection helmet, made for STSI motorsycle inspectors. Cockade badge on the forehead..
Russian embroidery epaulettes, made for Soviet Navy Fleet Admirals parade use. ..
Soviet / Russian Naval Captain uniform made for parade use. Old Navy uniform with brass buckles, hat..
Soviet Union ARMS of USSR parade Russian embroidery patch. ..
Anniversary special Russian gilt badge "50 years to KPSS" - Communist Party of Soviet Union. Made of..
Commitee of State Security KGB special visor hat with badge. Made for Russian KGB Officers parade us..
Russian Army VDV Paratrooper badge - Arms of Russia. The badge is new, given to Russian Paratroopers..
Russian Army VDV Paratrooper Badge - eagle with Guards stripe. The badge is new, given to Russian pa..
Russian military badge "VETERAN PARTICIPANT OF AFGHANISTAN WAR 1979-1989". The badge is new, given t..
Ukrainian military women Officer parade white visor hat. The hat is new, used in USSR Naval Fleet by..
Soviet Navy Fleet shoulder boards with stars, made for Russian sailors parade use. Length about 5". ..