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Soviet metal SUBMARINE badge. "20 Years to LENINETS Submarine". Hot enamel. ..
Helios 81 automat 4/135 bayonet special lens for Kiev 10 and 15 cameras. Mint condition, clean and c..
Jupiter 12 wide angle 2,8/35 lens for Kiev cameras with bayonet. Serial number 8204212. Excellent co..
Jupiter 11 automat 4/135 bayonet telephoto lens for Kiev 10, 11 and 15 cameras. Like new condition, ..
Jupiter-9 Russian lens for KIEV and CONTAX cameras. The condition of the lens is excellent, serial n..
Russian Army tactical military masking camo net, size 6 x 3m. Made of cotton. Perfect for combat mil..
Tactical Russian Synthetic camo net - closes the facility by 70%. Net-based with 2-sided film glewn ..
Mechanical Russian wristwatch Molniya clock for sale. Antimagnetic version with plane, designed for ..