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Soviet Union Marshall military field jacket. This type of jacket was also used by Joseph Stalin. Sho..
MIG-29 Soviet Russian Jet Plane Fighter Sleeve Patch Size 90mm ( 3.54 inch ).   ..
Military cap, made of camouflage fabric. Great for fishing, hunting and military service. Thanks to ..
Military Gun Desert Eagle Embroidery Sew-On Patch Size: 120 x 75 mm (4'7 x 2'9 inches) ..
Military Intelligence North Caucasus District Embroidery Patch Size 95 x 95 mm ( 3.74 x 3.74 ..
Military Skull in Helmet Russian Embroidery Sew-on Patch Size: 100 x 75 mm (3'9 x 2'9 inches) &n..
Russian hat badge insignia crab (cockade) is new, used in former Soviet Union by Navy ship and ship-..
Military tactical light boots camo GARSING 05118 / O / AT “BERKUT NEW” Model 051180 "BERKUT NEW" ..
Military tactical Russian footwear camo GARSING 5235 П / C / O We present to your attention, perh..
Modern Police Military Russian Uniform with Overalls. A warm winter jacket is used nowadays by Russi..
Modern Russian military VKBO Bag (BAUL) Tactical Special Forces set Backpack - Baul, made of wear..
National Guards of Russian Army military Multicam Rosgvardiya uniform, made for National Guards. The..
New Navy type Parade Uniform Russian VMF Naval Fleet Officer white wear. White uniform designed i..
Original camouflage Afghanistan war tactical Russian uniform. Genuine Soviet military surplus. Unifo..
Original Limited Russian army Version СИГ- РМ1208 Wrist indicator "Polimaster" Wristwatch Authentic ..
Original Russian Army Air Force Military Winter Uniform with genuine sheepskin  Those unifor..
Original Russian Army Naval Fleet Officer's black shoes Genuine leather Navy Ankle boots Military..
Original Russian Army Officer's military gray coat perfect Soviet military raincoat Vintage Russi..
Original Russian Military Air Force USSR GOST Soviet Jacket. A feature of the Canada jacket is a str..
Soviet / Russian Military Officers AFGHANISTAN demi season desert uniform Those uniforms were use..
Original Soviet Union State Security Border Guards Winter Earflaps Russian Military Grey Hat Ushanka..
Raincoat tent special Russian digital camo special Tactical military groundsheet This raincoat wi..
Ratnik Russian Special Forces tactical military olive gloves 6sh122 Military gloves, tactical - t..
Russian "Dog type" NO FLEECE Gorka Partizan camo hoodie Dog wear Waterproof military style outdoor p..
Russian Tactical Summer nubuck boots M305 with cordura. Military boots, made for Russian Army speci..
Russian Airsoft Tactical ankle boots K1 with fabric Military boots, made for Russian Army special f..
Russian Airsoft Tactical ankle boots K1 with mesh Military boots, made for Russian Army special for..
Russian ammo pouch for rifle cartridges Mosin nagant bag for carrying magazines Soviet Army ammo ..
Russian Army Air Force Sleeve Camo Dubok VDV PATCH Size 90 mm ( 3.54 inch ). ..