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Original USSR Military Submarine Commander jacket for sale, made of black / dark blue cotton. Comes ..
Batman DC Superhero Embroidery Sew-on Patch  Batman is a fictional superhero appearing in Amer..
Bronze bust of  Foreign Minister of Germany Ulrich von Ribbentrop. Ulrich Friedrich Wilhelm Joa..
Fire Fist One Punch Man Embroidery Sew-on / Iron-on patch Size: 90 x 120 mm (3'5 x 4'7 inches) &..
Major God In Germanic Mythology And In Norse Mythology Odin Patch #3 New, great quality patch! Pe..
Russian Diver Genuine Navy Fleet Uniform 48-4 size  Submariner set consists of the jacket an..
Russian Federation Tankman Military Tactical Uniform with Fur Collar. A warm winter jacket is used n..
Russian Army patrol backpack "Senior Rifleman" 6B118 for sale, digital camouflage pattern. Charac..
$69.95 $64.95
The Straw Hat Pirates Emblem Embroidery One Piece Luffy team Sew-on patch The Straw Hat Pirates, ..
WoW Shaman Class Logo Embroidery Sew-on/Iron-on Patch. Shamans are mentors in spiritual practices..
WWII German Cross Embroidered Handmade Sew-on Sleeve Uniform Patch Size: 100 x 100 (3'9 x 3'9..
The boots are like a new condition, German Army type. They were used only 1 time by a German Officer..
Bronze bust of The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, officially known as the Tre..
Old style WW2 German black leather boots Bundeswehr. Continental sole. ..
USSR special military tank crew helmet, made for Soviet tankmen. Model 40th of XX century, made of m..
Russian Collective Farm Chairman visor cap. The hats of this type were used in RKKA times - Workers'..
We are pleased to announce an updated version of our already famous among customers model 1070 "Poli..
The belt was made for USSR Naval Fleet, worn by Soviet seamen. Like new condition, never used. Belt ..
Modular tactical transport vest 6SH112 (6Ш112) is part of the UMBTS equipment of the armed forces of..
This wristwatch used by officers of the Third Reich fleet till 1945. Kriegsmarine was the navy of Ge..
Russian black leather jacket for sale made for officers use. Excellent- condition, good looking nava..
Russian Military Navigator wrist watch with MIG Molniya mechanical SHTURMANSKIE with tansparent mech..
Russian Federation modern black visor cap, designed for Navy Fleet officers use on submarines and sh..
Russian COMMANDERS special MOLNIJA wristwatch, made for special order of Soviet Ministry of Defence...
USSR Army special military tank helmet. Used by Soviet tankmen and World of Tanks players. The helme..
Soviet Union metal coin - Russian Rouble. Dedicated to 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980, horsema..
Russian MVD badge "EXCELLENT MILITIAMAN". The badge is new, given to Russian Policemen. ..
Big Soviet badge "EXCELLENT FIREMAN". The badge is new, given to Firemen in USSR for special merits...
Karl Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a German philosopher, economist, historian, political the..
Brass bust of German Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel. Height 14 cm. ..