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Black leather Spetsnaz boots with metal buckles from Russian Army. High military quality production...
Combat tactical goggles 6B34 provide protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposure to ..
Genuine Russian Air Force pilot Soviet Union goggles. The original, closed vented type, protective w..
USSR military pilot leather goggles. New, never used, the goggles come in metal case. Original Sovie..
Sport / tactical leather fist gloves Olive model with Knuckles. Modern leather gloves with knuckles...
Sport / tactical leather fist gloves Сoyote model with Knuckles. Modern leather gloves with knuckles..
The newest anti-fragmentation goggles 6B50 recently adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Feder..
Tactical airsoft goggles 6B34 provide eye protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposur..
PNV-10T Russian military night vision device for sale, generation 2+, it is designed for night obser..
Soviet military style padded jacket, sleeveless variant. Quilted jacket made in USSR times, soft and..
Special Russian pilots goggles PO-1M (brand new in box) are made for USSR military pilots of high qu..
Leather ankle boots Diamond, designed for Russian special forces use. Black tactical boots Almaz 046..
Russian Navy Fleet sailors black boots with holes, made for summer use. Genuine leather, with leathe..
New condition Navy visorless hat, these hats were used in USSR by Soviet Seamen. Comes with Soviet b..
Army food carry thermos TVN 12L is designed for storing and transporting hot food or any kind of foo..
Summer camouflage military Russian sleeveless Flora shirt. New t-shirt arrivals, Russian military qu..
Russian sleeveless shirt with black stripes. Designed for marines, elders, sailors and cadets of nav..
Summer camouflage military Russian sleeveless shirt MULTICAM. New t-shirt arrivals, 100% cotton, Rus..
The hat is new, used in USSR Naval Fleet by Russian Navy Sailors. Comes with USSR badge!  Sign ..
Russian military warm leather boots SPETSNAZ with metal buckles, used by OMON special forces Officer..
Summer camo urban military sleeveless shirt, blue Flora camouflage pattern. New t-shirt arrivals, be..
New condition star globe with Latin symbols. The celestial globe is essentially a celestial sphere m..
Modern leather gloves with knuckles for sale. Comfortable wear, street fighters style. Available in ..
A pair of Good Quality Stainless Steel Professional Police Thumb-Cuffs. Can be used on their own or ..
Military camouflage summer shirt without sleeves, Gray Digital camo pattern. New t-shirt arrivals, R..
Summer camouflage military sleeveless shirt, camo SAND pattern. New t-shirt arrivals, Russian milita..
Soviet Union award - "Order of Friendship of Peoples", Russian copy. Established in 1972, rewarded f..
USSR National clothing - 100% cotton white sleeveless t-shirt, mostly used as Soviet underwear. Mode..