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Black leather Spetsnaz boots with metal buckles from Russian Army. High military quality production...
Russian Army military shoulder boards, made by Soviet Air Force officers. ..
Military mountain suit Gorka-3 BDU is used by Russian federal troops in Caucasus, Chechnya and simil..
Russian Army shoulder boards made for USSR Air Force or Airbore VDV junior Officers field use. New o..
Mountain suit with hood Gorka 4 black anorak uniform. High-quality black BDU Russian military suit w..
Armed Forces of Russia military service uniform sleeve patch. ..
Genuine Russian pilots equipment oxygene mask KM-32 with occipital bladder. New, unused military sur..
Camo trousers MPA-28 for sale by Magellan, made of modern Soft Shell fabrics. Developed specifically..
Russian Army Generals uniform is made of highest quality wool, consists of military jacket, trousers..
USSR AIR FORCE GENERALS complete parade uniform kit, new old stock Soviet military clothing. The set..
Russian Air Force Officer Soviet aviation uniform. New condition, never used. The uniform made of hi..
Russian Army Rocket Forces dog tag - "If We Fall Asleep You Won't Wake Up" ..
2 Russian Spetsnaz Patches with AK and "Spetsnaz" sign. ..
Black modern tactical anatomical T-shirt GIURS (Гюрза), used with GORKA Special forces suits. Tactic..
Soviet Air Force Lieutenant Russian uniform. Uniform of the officer of the Soviet Army belong for Mi..
Soviet Army Infantry Lieutenant Russian khaki uniform. Uniform of the officer of the Soviet Army bel..
Tactical Desert KNEEPADS for Special Forces Airsoft / Combat gear. Modern knees protection pads tact..
Pilotka special embroidery hat made for Russian Air Force Officers. Never used, all sizes available...
Russian summer military camouflage hat Frog pattern. Used with uniforms and for airsoft, perfectly l..
"Molniya" - a watch brand produced by the Chelyabinsk watch factory - the oldest plant in Russia. Th..
Modern military knees and elbows protection pads RATNIK 6B51 for Russian Army soldiers and officers...
Genuine Russian Air Force pilot Soviet Union goggles. The original, closed vented type, protective w..
USSR military pilot leather goggles. New, never used, the goggles come in metal case. Original Sovie..
Soviet leather boots with fur and lightning are made for Russian pilots. Warm and comfortable boots ..
Summer Russian tactical camouflage hat IZLOM (Fracture) pattern. Mostly used with uniforms and for a..
USSR pilots badge with plane, wings, red star, 2 swords and shield. Given to those who graduated Sov..
Soviet armored forses marshal's uniform shoulder boards. Used with marshals field uniform, epaulets ..
Soviet armored forses marshal's uniform shoulder boards. Used with marshals field uniform, epaulets ..
Balaclava assault Russian digital camouflage for sale - this balaclava combines a mask and a hood, i..
Soviet military Officer cap with 2 badges. This visor hat is used by Aviation Officers of Russian Ai..