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Original USSR Navy flag of the Chief of General Navy Staff. Various dimensions available. The flag i..
Original Soviet Navy Red flag with sickle and hammer, dimensions: 160cm x 80cm. The condition of the..
Soviet special Award badge with Vladimir Lenin. This badge was given for special merits. New conditi..
BEST MVD SOLDIER Soviet metal badge with Saint George. The badge is new, the Best Soldier of Ministr..
Joseph Stalin was a Soviet politician and head of state, first General Secretary of the Communist Pa..
Russian memorable badge with "Kursk" Submarine. The badge is new, made in memory of Kursk submarine ..
Russian ANDREY FLAG special metal badge. The badge is new, Russian Naval emblem. ..
Russian MVD badge "EXCELLENT MILITIAMAN". The badge is new, given to Russian Policemen. ..
Russian Naval badge with ship "For Distant Campaign". The badge is new, given to Russian sailors for..
Russian navy badge with Submarine "For Distant Campaign". The badge is new, given to Russian submari..
Big Soviet badge "EXCELLENT FIREMAN". The badge is new, given to Firemen in USSR for special merits...
Soviet Revolution badge with Lenin "ALWAYS READY". The badge is new, Lenin on Red Star. ..
Big stars for Soviet shoulder boards of Officers with high rank. The stars use on Russian shoulder s..
Red army, Soviet big green stars, designed for use on Soviet uniforms shoulder boards, New condition..
Russian Army BERET hat badge "Russian Flag with Double Eagle". ..
Georgy Zhukov (November 19 (December 1) 1896 - 18 June 1974) - Marshal of the Soviet Union, 1955-195..
Big USSR metal bust of Vladimir Lenin (dimensions 12" x 5.5" x 8" or 32 x 14 x 20cm). Made by Leonid..
Front flag "Gujs" used on Soviet ships. The dimensions are: 170cm x 120cm. The flag is like new, mad..
SPETSNAZ PARATROOPER Badge "VALOUR and SKILL". The badge is new, given to Russian Spetsnaz Paratroop..
Soviet Big ANTI-SUBMARINE SHIP navy badge. USSR naval badge with Soviet ship. ..
Military Soviet hat badge insignia with USSR Arms, cockade worn on the hats of Emeritus Escort. Diam..
USSR Naval Fleet special MARINES badge with VMF Flag. Hot enamel. ..
Soviet BIG ANTI-SUBMARINE SHIP navy badge. USSR naval badge with Soviet ship. ..
Set of 10 buttons made for Ukrainian Army Generals clothing. New, unused big buttons (diameter about..
Big Navy Flag of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. New condition USSR-made flag, dimensions 180 x ..
Set of 10 Anchor buttons with anchor for NAVY uniform of Soviet Officer. The buttons are used on Nav..
Lot of 10 big buttons with Double Eagle Russian Arms for military uniforms. New condition. Diameter ..