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USSR symbol - Red Star badge cockade with sickle and hammer. The badge is new, used in former Soviet..
The badge (cockade) is new, made in former Soviet Union for USSR Army Officers. ..
Russian hat badge insignia crab (cockade) is new, used in former Soviet Union by Navy ship and ship-..
Commemorative Communist Revolution badge with Vladimir Lenin "KPSS" ("Communist Party of the Soviet ..
Soviet Army hat badge cocarde for sale, used on Russian Officers military field visor hats. ..
The badge (cockade) is new, used in Russian Army. Double eagle Russian Arms with victorious George. ..
Soviet Army border guards hat badge cocarde for sale, used by Russian frontier guards on visor hats...
Hat badge with anchor and double eagle (cockade) is new, crab made for Russian Fleet navy Officers u..
Soviet Revolution badge with Lenin. The badge is new, Vladimir Lenin on Red Star "ALWAYS READY". ..
Soviet Russian Black Karakul BTK Beret.Comes with Naval Fleet Anchor cockade.New condition. ..
Old Russian WWII Brass and Enamel Military cockade hat badge Red Star. Made for use on RKKA Officers..
Russian Army hat badge cocarde, used on Russian Officers' military field visor hats. ..
USSR pilots badge with plane, wings, red star, 2 swords and shield. Given to those who graduated Sov..
Soviet Army award Badge "FOR EXCELLENT SHOOTING". The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
The badge is new, made in USSR. Original Soviet item with screw back. ..
Collection of 100 / 500 / 1000 Soviet, Russian and international badges and insignias. Nice conditio..
Special award badge for NKVD (National Commissariat of Internal Affairs) border guards, called "Exce..
Soviet Union NKVD (National Commissariat of Internal Affairs) badge. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Special Russian badge for sale, screw back, made for Cossacks use (Syberian Cossack Troops). Sign "T..
Original USSR military 1sc class specialist badge for sale, used in Soviet Army in 60's - 70's (made..
Soviet award badge with Vladimir Lenin "Hard-Worker of COMMUNIST LABOUR". Original Russian item, mad..
Combined arms Red Star insignia hat badge (cockade) is new, used in Russian Army by Soviet Officers...
Soviet Army TANK Badge "FOR EXCELLENT COMPETITION". The condition of the badge is new. ..
Set of 10 Military and Navy hat cockade badges from Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian armies. All badges..
Anniversary badge "100 Years of Russian Underwater Forces". The badge is new, 1906-2006 - to the sh..
Set of 2 badges with Lenin - one of them is Octoberist - young Lenin, given in Russian schools, othe..
The badges are new, anchors are worn in USSR on hats and suits by Marines and Russian Navy Officers...
The badge is new, 1802-2002 Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs 200 years Anniversary. ..
Lot of 5 rare metal badges from Soviet Army collection: 3 class badges, Guards badge and Excellent S..
Gimp embroidery cockade badge made with 0,3% gold thread. Used in Soviet Fleet by Navy Admirals comm..