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Russian Army military shoulder boards, made by Soviet Air Force officers. ..
Vintage USSR Air Force Russian General light blue visor cap Authentic Soviet Era hat The hat is n..
 Red Army Aviation GENERAL daily Shirt shoulder boards. Used by USSR army generals to the last ..
Russian Aviation Test Pilot School Plane-Testing Patch Size 95 x 95 mm ( 3.74 x 3.74 inch ). ..
Vintage Russian Molnija Navy Aviation "Shturmanskie" (Navigator) transparent wristwatch Molnija (..
Russian Air Force Officer Soviet aviation uniform. New condition, never used. The uniform made of hi..
Soviet pants with blue piping made for Russian Naval Aviation Generals. New, never used. Made in USS..
Soviet NAVAL AVIATION parade white / creamy uniform. The kit consists of: Parade Jacket and Parade P..
Soviet military Officer cap with 2 badges. This visor hat is used by Aviation Officers of Russian Ai..
Soviet special Naval Aviation Chief military General-Major complete uniform. The jacket comes with h..
Retro style blue military jacket. Such jackets were used by officers on Aurora cruiser during Octobe..
Naval Aviation of Black Sea Fleet Russian embroidery patch. ..
The hats of this type were used by Air Force Officers in WWII. The hat comes with Soviet badge. ..
Russian NAVAL AVIATION special metal badge. The badge is new, given to Russian Naval Aviators. ..
Russian Army NAVAL AVIATION medal "317th Kamchatka Division - January 25 1960". ..
2 USSR Army metal Air Force & Naval Aviation collar pins. Used in Russian Air Force and Navy Avi..
ACHS-1 is used for time measurement of the flight in hours and minutes. It shows current time in hou..
USSR Air Force Russian Generals field visor cap. Used in former USSR Army. The hat comes with Soviet..
Soviet Air Force badge Military AVIATION SCHOOL. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Combined Military parade output Cocarde aviation and airborne troops officer's of the Soviet army ar..
USSR Navy Fleet special MOLNIJA wristwatch, made for Naval Aviation staff. Molniya (Lightning in Eng..
USSR Navy Aviation complete uniform - black jacket and pants. Made for everyday use, comes with shou..
Soviet Naval Aviation Veteran special badge. The badge is new, given to Naval Aviation Veterans of ..
USSR Air Force badge "VVS PILOT INSTRUCTOR". New condition. ..
Red army air force Russian soldiers patch. New condition. ..
The hat badge is new, used by Officers of Ukrainian Air Force. ..
Soviet wristwatch MOLNIJA / Molnia (Lightning) Naval Aviation clock for sale with transparent back. ..