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Genuine Russian Officers FEMALE black leather overcoat WWII This overcoat protected Soviet officers..
Russian Army woolen USSR Officer's black overcoat with astrakhan fur collar. Sheep wool inside and A..
Soviet Russian Black Karakul BTK Beret.Comes with Naval Fleet Anchor cockade.New condition. ..
Warm Russian hat ushanka. It is good practical hat, made of grey natural fur. Traditional Russian mi..
USSR Officer's Woolen Uniform with Karakul Collar and papakha. Russian military warm uniform (karaku..
Fur hat of Russian Cossack Officers, from Terek Cossacks cavalry. Papaha made of Astrakhan fur, all ..
Soviet navy winter admiral ushanka hat for sale, made from genuine leather and high quality astrakha..
Soviet Air Force military winter astrakhan hat papakha, made for Generals use. Made of Astrakhan fur..
Russian Army special gray fur astrakhan hat papakha. Made for Soviet Generals winter use, high milit..
Warm Russian hat ushanka, made for Russian Generals winter use. It is good practical hat, made of gr..
Woolen winter hat ushanka, made of gray Astrakhan fur for FSO - Federal Guards Service. Traditional ..
Winter visor hat, made of Astrakhan fur, leather on top. Designed for Soviet Navy Fleet Admirals use..