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Black military Russian Army leather boots, made for officers. Genuine leather, good military quality..
$84.95 $49.95
RR raid backpacks 6B38 are designed for long hikes. Traditionally, the design of raidbacks includes ..
Military soldier kit: belt with star buckle, water flask and 2 bags connected to the belt. All items..
Special military hat, made for Russian Spetsnaz troopers. Popular among airsofters and hikers. Desig..
Stechkin pistol hoster made in Russian digital camouflage. APS cover is made for MOLLE system but al..
Modern black military tactical field belt, made for Russian Army marines use. VKBO part, made of nyl..
Red Army special brown woolen winter hat. Designed in 1918 for the RKKA uniforms. Warm cap was made ..
WWI type Red Army hat "Budenovka" with Red Star on the front. Budenovka hat's official name was the ..
Russian Army woolen USSR Officer's black overcoat with astrakhan fur collar. Sheep wool inside and A..
Soviet Army ground forces Colonel-General uniform made for parade use. Jacket comes with shoulder bo..
Small kids uniform - Russian Army soldier from Soviet Army. It is small copy of the original uniform..
USSR special military tank crew helmet, made for Soviet tankmen. Model 40th of XX century, made of m..
Russian military long winter trench coat, made for Officers. Please choose the shoulder boards and t..
Soviet winter Extremely warm russian army Polar Arctic real Sheep and Dog woolen boots.Very war..
Modern military knees and elbows protection pads RATNIK 6B51 for Russian Army soldiers and officers...
Tactical Russian Army Python Rock camouflage shirt. Modern military t-shirt Python Rock fracture cam..
Russian military visor cap, made for USSR Army Officers of Internal Troops. New and never used, come..
Soviet / Russian military warm winter trousers, usually used with fufaika jacket. Perfect windproof ..
$34.95 $29.95
Russian Collective Farm Chairman visor cap. The hats of this type were used in RKKA times - Workers'..
Good convenient tactical high boots "Faradei" model 816. «Faradey» Used in Russian army and police d..
This cup made of 100% aluminum and widely used in Russian army during more then one century. You can..
This model includes the best properties of well-known foreign analogues. It is made by experts for p..
Russian Army special green military soldiers hat digital camo cap (4 colours). All sizes available. ..
Russian Army necessaire kit, consists of cosmetics and personal hygiene means, also sewing, cleaning..
Original USSR Army AK-47 shoulder belt. Connected to the Kalashnikov machine guns for hanging on the..
WWI type Red Army gray Budenovka hat with long ears Red Star on the front. Budenovka's official name..
In model 0108 "TACTICS LUX CAMO MULTI" the advanced developments are embodied. One of them is a rubb..
Statutory black boots of the old sample are made of genuine leather. Army boots do not have a lining..
USSR soldiers combat warmed sleeping bag. Like new condition, never used. Designed for Russian soldi..
Parade khaki uniform of Russian airborne troopers VDV. Consists of jacket with blue shoulder boards,..