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Soviet / Russian Army special military visor hat. Made for Soviet Frontier Guards. New condition, co..
Russian military warm coat, made for Officers winter use. Authentic sheep fur inside. Used mint cond..
Russian Army Generals old winter gloves, new with tag. Perfect quality, authentic sheep fur inside. ..
Russian Army "GUARDS" USSR badge. The badge is new, used in former USSR Soviet Army. Hot enamel, scr..
Soviet high rank special embroidery shoulder boards with spun gold stars, made for Generals parade u..
Soviet Army "HONOURABLE RADIO OPERATOR of USSR" award badge. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Russian Officers military visor hat. Made for Internal Forces of Soviet Union parade use. Never used..
NOS Soviet rescue vest. Made for Russian ground forces attendants and infantry crew for wading and t..
Soviet military embroidery shoulder boards, made for Russian Marshalls everyday use. Gimp stars, not..
Marshalls of Soviet Union special gray parade shoulder straps made for winter use on great coat. Emb..
Soviet Army winter ushanka hat, used by military police Militia. Made of high grade materials, perfe..
Soviet Army Infantry Sergeants military visor hat, made for parade use. Chin strap and hat badge inc..
Soviet Army blue wide trousers - military riding breeches galife made for Russian NKVD Officers use...
Soviet military hat badge cockade, made for Russian soldiers and officers parade use. ..
Russian military warm coat, made for Officers winter use. Authentic sheep fur inside. Soviet Army st..
Soviet Army General winter military woolen parade overcoat with Papaha fur hat. Best Russian militar..
Russian Army Radio-Technic and Communication Troopers military patch. ..
Special warm black suede leather great coat, made for Soviet Army Generals on Russian military facto..
Soviet and Russian Armies MARINES Spetsnaz embroidery sleeve PATCH with Anchor. ..
USSR Warm Russian Army Military Underwear.Unused underwear, new condition. Soviet army underwear 80-..
Russian Veterans Anniversary award medal VVS air force veteran. The medal comes with blank document...
Soviet Red Army VOROSHILOV SHOOTER Award badge. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Military cotton padded jacket and warm trousers, made for USSR Army soldiers winter use. Made on USS..
Modern tactical statutory boots, made for Russian Army Officers winter use. Warm fur inside, practic..
Soviet Army military White Guard visor hat. Used in Equestrian Regiment of General Alekseev. ..
Russian Officers special military Flora rip-stop rare uniform jacket, reinforced and resistant again..
Soviet Army WW2 shoulder boards with 3 stripes, type 1943, made for Russian Airborne VDV and Air For..