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Russian equipment Pouch for the gather of AK magazines SPON SSO airsoft ..
Russian equipment Pouch for IPP (Individual dressing packets) or kits. SPON SSO ..
Russian equipment Shoulder straps for drinking system MOLLE SPON SSO airsoft ..
Air Force uniform kit from Russian Army, made for officers. Consists of jacket with patch and should..
Soviet golden buckle for belt with Double Eagle - Ministry of Internal Affairs. ..
Soviet Golden buckle for belt of VDV Airborne troops. ..
Soviet Military hat PILOTKA (Ministry of Internal Affairs). Made for Russian MVD officers. The hat c..
Russian VVS order badge. The badge is new, Russian Air Force. ..
Military Russian Air Force VVS badge. The badge is new, VVS (Air Force) with helicopter. ..
Russian VDV Metal Demobilization badge DMB. The badge is new, given to Russian demobilized Airborne ..
Soviet Army wide trousers galife - military riding breeches made for Air Force Officers everyday / f..
Soviet aviation old-style military uniform. New condition, never used. The uniform consists of jacke..
Special Forces winter jacket for sale, double knitting. Extra warm military surplus item made for Ru..
Russian Ministry of Inner Affairs badge MVD. The badge is new, given to Russian MVD Policemen. ..
Embroidery patch of Russian Federation MVD - Ministry of Internal Affairs. ..
Rare professional photographic set Photosniper FS-12-3. Camera is Zenit-12XPS, body serial number 95..
Russian Federation military Air Force award medal, given to the pilots for cpecial merits. Sign on t..
Air Force Generals wide trousers galife with blue stripes khaki riding breeches. Never used, made fo..
Red army blue shoulder boards Russian AIR force. With sign CA (Soviet Army). New condition. ..
Military Soldier Metal Tag - RUSSIAN AIR FORCE for sale. ..
All-season waterproof jacket "SKLON-M" PREDATOR camouflage. Made of special waterproof fabrics...
Summer camouflage T-shirt yellow birch, used in Russian Army. New condition, good military quality. ..
Russian tactical equipment hip platform SPON SSO airsoft ..
Russian tactical equipment MOLLE assault vest SPON SSO airsoft ..
Russian tactical equipment MOLLE Holster SPON SSO airsoft ..
Platform for mounting removable hip holsters, bags, covers. ..
Russian tactical equipment MOLLE Pouch 1 SAYGA SPON SSO airsoft ..
Russian tactical equipment "Password" assault vest PAROL MOLLE SPON SSO airsoft ..