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Authentic Soviet army overcoat Genuine USSR woolen parade coat Military winter everyday wear Sovi..
Original "Vostok" Mechanical Soviet watch "Pope John Paul II" USSR Vintage wristwatch with documents..
Original Russian army tank Officer's Winter Jacket Genuine USSR warm tankman black coat Warm Winter ..
Red Army Sergeant's Vintage Earflap winter ushanka Genuine fur & wool Russian troops headwear Mi..
Russian army national Honor Guard Original USSR Vintage Uniform set  A guard of honour (GB),..
Russian Army military shoulder boards, made by Soviet Air Force officers. ..
This backpack is called veschmeshok and rucksack, also sidr. Soviet Union issue, new old stock. Used..
Russian military mess kit. Like new condition, never used. Used by Soviet Army soldiers and in Russi..
Mechanical Russian wristwatch Molniya with USSR Arms "Proletarians of All Countries - Unite" with si..
Woolen Naval Flag of USSR VMF Like new condition USSR Navy item. Made in the soviet era, some insign..
Soviet Army shoulder boards with stars, made for Russian infantry high rank officers. Length about 5..
Vintage Soviet professional electric hat stretcher / dryer Russian army Authentic Military Equipment..
Vintage Soviet Union hooded winter coat Suede Leather Original Russian General's very warm Sheepskin..
Vintage USSR Air Force Russian General light blue visor cap Authentic Soviet Era hat The hat is n..
Russian Navy officers black woolen jacket Bushlat. Those jackets were used on Soveit Navy Fleet. Ori..
 Poljot Mechanical Soviet Watch non transparent Earth USSR Russian Vintage Watch This is a v..
Ak-47 soviet weapon red star USSR patch. Size 90mm(3.54inch). ..
Chelyabinsk Watch Factory (CWF) Molnija Russian transparent wristwatch Molnija (also transliterat..
Vintage USSR Army Blue trousers Original Soviet warm winter pants for Russian fufaika vatnik jacket ..
Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut. He was the first human to journey into o..
Genuine USSR Air Force Black Leather Uniform Overcoat with collar. This overcoat was used by Air For..
Golden star hammer and sickle Embroidered Soviet Union USSR patch   Size: 90mm (3'54 in..
INTERCOSMOS Soviet Space Programme Patch Soyuz-31 Size 75 x 100 ( 2.95 x 3.93 inches ) ..
INTERKOSMOS Soviet Space Programme Patch Soyuz-37 Size 110 x 85 ( 4.33 x 3.34 inch ) ..
INTERKOSMOS Soviet Space Programme Patch Soyuz-40 Size 90 mm ( 3.6 inches ) ..
Lighter with USSR arms Soviet Union logo Russian souvenir CCCP Metal lighter with USSR logo Sovie..
Mechanical Soviet Watch transparent Earth USSR 18 Jewels Russian wristwatch Molnija (also transli..
MIR-92 Orbital Station Embroidered Sew-on/Iron-on/Velcro Patch Size: 85 mm ..
Molnija Aviation watch "The North Pole" Russian mechanical USSR wristwatch Molnija (also translit..
Molnija watch "The castle" Russian mechanical USSR wristwatch Molnija (also transliterated Molniy..