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6SHA117 modern combat system from Ratnik kit (Warrior) by Tehinkom. Consists of tactical MOLLE vest ..
Army camouflage sleeping bag Ratnik for the military units of special forces. It is made of waterpr..
$99.95 $84.95
Military VKBO fleece thermal underwear layer 2 from BTK made for Russian Army use. A set of fleece u..
Windbreaker jacket BTK with two-zippered zipper with chin protection and a collar-stand for sale. Mo..
$49.95 $24.95
Modern fast drying membrane fabrics Russian BTK Special Forces uniform. Softshell suit with special ..
$149.95 $99.95
Reversible camouflage BDU "frog" pattern uniform Ratnik BARS for sale. Russian Partizan camo pattern..
Russian Army Generals modern digital camouflage uniform size 56-3 (US 46 regular). Consists of super..
Marine troops in ISIS complete Russian military summer uniform for sale. Modern development digital ..
Russian Military black extra warm airsoft tactical winter sweater. This Russian black-colored milita..
Russian Military Navy rip-stop Army grey Overcoat.Naval military Russian demi-season overcoat, made ..
Warm brown navy gloves for sailors winter use. Sheep's fur lining inside, brown mittens made for Rus..
Russian Federation modern black visor cap, designed for Navy Fleet officers use on submarines and sh..
Special award badge for NKVD (National Commissariat of Internal Affairs) border guards, called "Exce..
Original Bars camouflage uniform. Consist of anorak and trousers. Camouflage is gray birch (berezka)..
Like new, never used. These helmets were made for Soviet Air Force pilots during winter flights. The..
Vintage Soviet Red Star watch Lightning with thin mechanism. Molnija (sometimes transliterated as Mo..
Soviet military style padded jacket, sleeveless variant. Quilted jacket made in USSR times, soft and..
Modern tactical military load bearing vest SMERSH SVD made for Russian snipers. This IIFS made for R..
Russian Army new load bearing vest SMERSH PKM, designed for carrying ammo for Kalashnikov Modernized..
Genuine leather special purpose light mountain gloves, thin leather allows the fingers to feel the r..
A police tactical boot. Currently, it is being tested in the Saturn SNR in Moscow. The Italian sole ..
Modern Russian Army winter maskhalat 6SH119 from Ranik equipment kit. Model 6SHA119 consists of whit..
Souvenir winter hat ushanka with Russian Federation Double Eagle badge. Made of artificial fur and g..
Russian Army Marines military camouflage gloves. Flora pattern, warm lining inside, mittens given to..
Mechanical Russian wristwatch Molniya with USSR Arms on white. Molnija (translated as "lightning") i..
Russian modern constructor LBV Smerch-A translated as Tornado, designed for combat missions in hosti..
Russian combat tactical assault vest SMERSH AK chest rig is designed to carry ammunition through cro..
Special demi-season camouflage uniform SMOK M with IZLOM pattern (Fracture). Made of thick windproof..
Soviet / Russian Admiral of fleet shoulder boards. Black epaulets with handmade embroidery star. Use..