Tactical MOLLE load bearing transport vest 6SH116 Ratnik

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Tactical MOLLE load bearing transport vest 6SH116 Ratnik by Tehnikom.

The vest base of the UMBTS type is used by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and is a variant of the MOLLE system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). The advantages of such a system are the possibility of using various fastening elements from compatible UMBTS cartridge pouches or MOLLE, to clips and carbines. The unloading vest is suitable not only for military, but also for civilian purposes: used by both tourists and workers.

The base consists of two tablets that have special shoulder pads, a dorsal jumper, and an adjustable belt. The dorsal tablet has a built-in inner pocket that can be used to place a hydrator or other additional equipment. The waistcoat is made of synthetic power mesh, which provides air flow and reduces the likelihood of overheating. In the waist part there is a special shock-absorbing insert for wearing comfort. Chest plates are fixed with turnstile clasps. The waistcoat base is adjustable and also fastened with the fastex buckle used in its design. For growth and volume, you can adjust the vest with metal buckles. Shoulder pads have valves to accommodate wiring from various electrical appliances (for example, radio set).


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