Russian Tactical Military Boots Garsing 412 "SABOTEUR NEW"

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412 "SABOTEUR NEW" is a winter modification of model 0339 N "SABOTEUR NEW". The model was developed for operations related to overcoming rough terrain. If your exit is designed for several days, then we are talking about tens of kilometers on foot. You need good, comfortable and warm boots. That is why the specialists of our company have developed a line of hybrid models with the characteristics of army boots and the convenience of trekking sneakers. This model uses high quality modern materials. The most important qualities that good boots should have in the conditions used are water and wear resistance, so the boots are made of high-quality natural chrome leather. The next generation of this model is equipped with a modern two-layer tactical outsole with excellent cushioning properties. The updated sole is made in two layers: the first layer, shock-absorbing and soft, is made of foamed TEP microlight, the second layer on the undercarriage, dense and having a large thickness to resist abrasion, is made of wear-resistant TEP.

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