Russian Tactical High Quarter Boots Garsing 706 «AVIATOR-EXCLUSIVE»

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It is not for nothing that this model has the word "exclusive" in its name, as it was made especially for those who need to use shoes quickly, often changing from ordinary shoes to shoes for more extreme use, for example, for an urgent trip, can be used as army shoes ... This possibility is provided by a special zipper, which allows you to put on or take off your boot without using laces. Also 706 "AVIATOR-EXCLUSIVE" has a hardy, in the truest sense of the word, Runner outsole, which proved to be excellent in operation at high and low temperatures.

Technical characteristics 706 «AVIATOR-EXCLUSIVE»:
Top: chrome tanned leather,
Lining: lining leather,
Outsole: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer),
Method of the sole attachment: glue-pin construction,
Toe-cap: forced, thermoplastic material,
Counter: tough, thermoplastic material,
Quarter height: 245+-3 mm,
Half-stitched tongue,
Implement: slugs, zipper on the innerside of quarter

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