Russian Special Forces GARSING tactical boots 980 MO/ AT / П / 0 “Storm”

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Russian Special Forces GARSING tactical boots 980 MO/ AT / П / 0 “Storm”

The boots were created using modern technologies and taking into account the wishes of military specialists who carried out test wear of these boots in the highlands of Kazakhstan. The outsole is made of rubber combined with polyurethane foam to reduce weight and improve cushioning. The bottom is made of rubber and the intermediate layer is made of polyurethane foam. Soles with this combination of rubber and PU layers incorporate the best aspects and characteristics of the materials: rubber is used for the running layer and PU is used for cushioning. An additional property of polyurethane is its low thermal conductivity, which makes it possible to ensure that the leg does not freeze in frost and does not "burn" in the heat. The 980 "STORM" features woven inserts of high strength nylon material to make this model lighter.
Footwear of TM "GARSING" is not intended for use in an aggressive environment (oil, petroleum oils, heavy fraction products, alkalis, acids, heated surfaces above + 40 ° C).

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