Russian army Tactical Sumrak MPR-71 suit Blue A-Tacs (moss) camouflage uniform

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Russian army Tactical Sumrak MPR-71 suit Blue A-Tacs (moss) camouflage uniform for sale, Uniform consists of a jacket and trousers. Sumrak is designed for regular wear in the field during training or fighting with the appropriate color gamma and environment temperature range. Tactical uniform is used for individual masking of a specialist on the ground. Ergonomic free cut provides maximum freedom of movement, also perfect for airsofting and hunting. The hood can be worn over the cap or under the helmet (armor). Reinforced rear pockets of trousers can be used for small arms stores (AK 7.62 and 5.45). 
Fabric: Panacea
Composition: 65% PE, 35% viscose
Pollution protection class 1
Straight cut with a stitched hood, which consists of several parts, with side inserts from a knitted fabric (mesh).
The central fastener of a jacket on buttons "Canada".
Sleeves combined, loose fit.
In the area of ​​the elbow are lining-amplifiers.
Stitched belt with 5 belt loops under the belt
The belt is fastened with a textile fastener, and the codpiece with buttons.
Pants with side welt pockets.
Two pockets with figured flaps in the upper part of the rear halves of the trousers.
On the front of the trousers in the area of ​​the knee are lining-amplifiers.
The bottom of the trousers is pulled together with elastic braid.
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