Russian Army RATNIK uniform suit desert military full combat gear kit

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Desert version of Ratnik uniform suit desert military full combat kit for Russian soldiers. Latest models of individual soldier protection items, LIMITED QUANTITY!. Ratnik desert type uniform for hot countries was developed specially for ISIS war. Color designed for desert conditions and islamic landscape, mixed with modern desert EMR camouflage pattern. Full kit comes in big travel backpack, consists of clothing, protection equippment and military combat items. Ratnik is the Russian military outfit of the future, equipment makes it possible to significantly increase the fighting efficiency of an individual fighter. It involves the latest developments of the Russian military-industrial complex.
Uniform consists of Ratnik items performed in desert colors, elements supplementing each other. Consists of:

Double sided reversible camo masking suit 6SH122 desert EMR camouflage
Load bearing system vest 6SH117
Raid backpack 6SH118
Multitool 6E6 (desert color) desert
Wristwatch 6E4-1 with desert band
Sapper shovel 6E5
Protection headphones GSSH-01 6M2
Torch flashlight FES 6E2 special color
Goggles 6B50 orange
Universal shelter 6SH120 desert
Brown gloves 6SH122
Warmers set Aist 6E3
Desert water filter IF-10 6E1
Joints protection kit 6B51

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