Russian army active headphones GSSH-01 tactical headset ГСШ-01 Ratnik helmet

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Active headphones GSSH-01 from Russian Army ГСШ-01 included in the package of combat generation "Ratnik". Noise suppression device GSH-01 with dynamic compensation of ambient noise level up to 115dB is designed to listen to the environment when the microphone amplifiers are switched on, cutting off loud sounds (such as a gunshots and explosions). Headphones are included in the set of combat equipment of servicemen 6B38. Due to the built-in microphones, amplifies quiet sounds, cutting off loud (such as a shot). The headset GSH-01 has two acoustic plugs with built-in microphones and a soft adjustable headband. Operating frequency range from 200 Hz to 4000 Hz -Power supply voltage from the element type AAA 1.0: 1.5 V. -The time of continuous operation from the power supply type AAA is not less than 72 hours -Middle time between failures not less than 7000 hours. -Weight of the headset not more than 230 g.

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