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Game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." Faction Bandits embroidery patch.

The Bandits are raiders and marauders of the Chernobyl Zone, ranging from petty thugs and gangsters to organized crime syndicates. Apart from Freedom, which treats them with marginal contempt, everyone hates the Bandits due to their nefarious acts of robbing and exploiting honest Stalkers. Most Bandits are unorganized and leaderless, there are only a few known Bandit leaders and camps, and even then their groups are still fairly disorganized, with underlings always trying to take control by overthrowing the previous leader. Their unit size is mediocre, and their equipment is cheap and shoddy; because of this they've adapted to a guerilla style of warfare, ambushing small groups with large numbers by camping in locations just off the normal paths.

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