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Soldiers / Officers backpack carry bag Russian Army model, knapsack also called sidr. Digital pixel ..
$29.95 $24.95
This backpack is called veschmeshok and rucksack, also sidr. Soviet Union issue, new old stock. Used..
"Naval Flag of USSR" VMF Like new condition USSR Navy item. Made in soviet era, some insignificant h..
The bag for wearing the documents and maps with shoulder strap. Map case made for Soviet Officers. N..
Original USSR Navy flag of the Chief of General Navy Staff. Various dimensions available. The flag i..
Sport style pet carrier for animals in Russian digital camouflage gives you safe and stylish protect..
Military SPETSNAZ Death tag "I solve all problems" ..
Military SPETSNAZ Falcon tag "Any Time, any Place, any Task" ..
Military SPETSNAZ Gryphon tag "Any Time, any Place, any Task" ..
Military Soviet SPETSNAZ tag with horse - "Any Time, any Place, any Task". ..
Military SPETSNAZ tag with Bear "Any Time, any Place, any Task" ..
Russian Army Rocket Forces dog tag - "If We Fall Asleep You Won't Wake Up" ..