Original camouflage Afghanistan war tactical Russian uniform

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Original camouflage Afghanistan war tactical Russian uniform. Genuine Soviet military surplus. Uniform was used by Soviet soldiers, summer suits come with a jacket and pants. The suit made in 1990, with original labels.  On a jacket there are 4 outer pockets, 2 inner pockets and 2 pockets on sleeves, also there are 2 pockets on trousers. Designed for subdivisions being in areas of combat and tactical actions. The main upper suit fabric is designed for military tactical clothing. The main top fabric of the suit has sufficiently stable indicators according to the following criteria: it keeps warm, water-repellent, breathable, and resistant to stapling, not static, not allergic.


EU 53 (US 42" chest / 34" waist)

Height - 170-176 cm

Shipping cost $20

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