Modular transport Vest 6SH117 Russian Army digital camo "Warrior" RATNIK

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6sh117 is one of the most newest LBV tactical vests of Russian Army. It is updated version of chest rig 6sh112 UMBTS for Special Forces by Tehinkom. Russian digital EMR camouflage pattern. Load bearing vest is suitable not only for military, but also for civilian purposes: they are used both by tourists and by craftsmen. Spetsnaz MOLLE basis with all necessary combat pouches, kit consists of:

Vest base (6SH117)
2 x pouch AK74 (AKM) mags + signal rocket pouch and bayonet knife
2 x pouch for 2 AK74 (AKM) mags
2 x universal pouch

Pouch for grenades 4 pcs;
Pouch for small infantry shovel 1pc;
Water flask pouch;
Combat backpack volume 7L;
Pouch for gas mask;
Cover for insulating carpet;
Set of hermetic cases.
2 x pouch for 5 VOG-25 Shots;
Pouch for the radio "Azart-P-1";
Patrol knapsack volume 25L 1pc;
Pouch for small infantry shovel 1pc.

The vest size is universal and adjustable from 46 to 60 (US 36 to 50). Great kit for combat actions, airsoft, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activities. Durable military quality.

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