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Woolen Naval Flag of USSR VMF Like new condition USSR Navy item. Made in the soviet era, some insign..
New Navy type Parade Uniform Russian VMF Naval Fleet Officer white wear. White uniform designed i..
Russian Army VMF jacket Military Gost Leather "Canada" jacket with hood. A feature of the Canada jac..
Russian Federation modern black visor cap, designed for Navy Fleet office use. Hat comes with yellow..
Best quality leather alpacas jacket from Soviet Navy Fleet, designed for Officers use on the ship op..
Russian Navy Fleet officer workers black ripstop trousers. New with tag, modern Russian army surplus..
Russian MARINES beret insignia with Naval Fleet eagle. The badge is new, used by Marines on beret ha..
Russian MARINES beret insignia with VDV eagle. The badge is new, used by Marines on beret hats. ..
Military Russian VMF Metal Tag - NAVAL FLEET VMF for sale ..
Soviet Naval Fleet VMF flag 1983 badge. USSR emblem with shark, hot enamel. ..
Russian Federation Navy Fleet modern officers surplus summer jacket on zipper with short sleeves for..
Russian vintage MOLNIJA mechanical wristwatch with submarine Soviet NAVY FLEET VMF. Molniya (Lightni..
Soviet military badge with Sentry ship. The badge is new, USSR Sentry ship. ..
Soviet Naval Aviation Veteran special badge. The badge is new, given to Naval Aviation Veterans of ..
SPETSNAZ VMF Russian Naval badge (SWAT). The badge is new, given to VMF Spetsnaz troopers. ..
Soviet Shoulder board badge - VMF Lieutenant. The badge is new, Navy Lieutenant rank. ..
Metal Soviet badge "VMF DIVER INSTRUCTOR". New condition. ..
Soviet Naval Fleet VMF FLAG metal badge. The badge is new, Soviet Naval Fleet emblem. ..
Soviet VMF Special Assignment Troops metal badge. New condition. Hot enamel. ..
Soviet badge "VETERAN of VMF". The badge is new, Naval Fleet Veteran. Hot enamel. ..