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Russian Army military transport Tactical vest 6SH116 Ratnik. Tactical vest "6sh116" was created for ..
Russian military MOLLE system Tactical vest 6SH117 Ratnik. Tactical vest "6sh117" was created for th..
Due to the fact that this vest is made in khaki color, it can be used with any desert camouflage. ..
Russian army airborne troops sweatshirt VDV striped t-shirt telnyashka blue stripes. Worn by paratro..
Combat, unloading (load-bearing) vest "Gorec" (Highlander) with a set of integrated pouches. Thanks ..
The vest consists of two parts: the front, consisting of two panels, connected on the chest by two f..
Combat discharge system "Tiger" load bearing vest allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the ..
Russian Army surplus vest from VKBO kit. It combines thermal insulation function, windproof and mois..
$49.95 $34.95
Russian tactical Ammo load bearing vest Smerch-P (translated as Tornado) Features: - adjustabl..
Assault combat vest "Rock" is designed to carry AK series magazines, as well as auxiliary equipment ..
Modular tactical transport vest 6SH112 (6Ш112) is part of the UMBTS equipment of the armed forces of..
Brand new, never used Tehinkom 6B43 assault body armor for sale, it is a means of individual protect..
Additional set of splinter armor for body armor 6b45 and 6b43. Shoulders and groin apron according t..
6sh117 is one of the most newest LBV tactical vests of Russian Army. It is updated version of chest ..
Russian Army 6SH112 Universal Modular Transporting Battle System. Standard base for UMTBS (Universal..
Special military Russian assault vest Eger, made for carrying: 3 x 2 AK pouches, 4 x 1 grenade pouch..
Russian body armor 6b45 RATNIK in digital camo pixel color, with MOLLE slots. Brand new vest ready f..
Special military Russian tactical vest Smersh RPK, made for use with Kalashnikov RPK light machine g..
6SHA117 modern combat system from Ratnik kit (Warrior) by Tehinkom. Consists of tactical MOLLE vest ..
Soviet military style padded jacket, sleeveless variant. Quilted jacket made in USSR times, soft and..
Modern tactical military load bearing vest SMERSH SVD made for Russian snipers. This IIFS made for R..
Russian Army new load bearing vest SMERSH PKM, designed for carrying ammo for Kalashnikov Modernized..
Russian modern constructor LBV Smerch-A translated as Tornado, designed for combat missions in hosti..
Tactical MOLLE load bearing transport vest 6SH116 Ratnik by Tehnikom. The vest base of the UMBTS ..
Russian Army modern military surplus tactical MOLLE vest NERPA (Seal) LBV. Consists of 4 parts. 4 po..
Soviet inner sheet holder for body armor 6B5 with slots / pockets for titan plates. C..
Special Russian camouflage vest for airsoft. Exclusive model with authentic fox fur inside. Never us..
Navy t-shirt with black stripes, sweatshirt made for Russian Marines winter use. ..
Special modern light-weight military camo assault vest. Its capacity is 4 AK magazines, 2 RGD grenad..