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Due to the fact that this vest is made in khaki color, it can be used with any desert camouflage. ..
Vintage military tankman helmet from Soviet Army. Made of canvas, used for some times on Russian mil..
Russian black leather jacket for sale made for officers use. Excellent- condition, good looking nava..
Russian military dog tag - tank troops metal Army name tag. ..
USSR Army special military tank helmet. Used by Soviet tankmen and World of Tanks players. The helme..
Soviet Army TANK Badge "FOR EXCELLENT COMPETITION". The condition of the badge is new. ..
Russian old black leather jacket for sale, made for tankist use. Excellent- condition, but still goo..
Russian Army special award badge "EXCELLENT TANKIST". ..
Russian Army order award badge "TANK FORCES of RUSSIA". ..
Special Russian resin coated dog tag, made for tank forces. Sign "Armor is Strong and our Tanks are ..
New condition, original WWII black collar tabs. Used by tank troops of USSR Army. ..
USSR Army General embroidery visor cap, WW2 type. Used in Artillery and/or Tank troops. Comes with S..
Black shoulder boards for Artilery & Tank troops. With letters CA (Soviet Army). New condition. ..
Russian Army military badge with tank. The badge is new, Tank Forces. ..
New condition, original WWII Russian metal collar tabs. Used by TANK FORCES of USSR Army during the ..