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Tactical Desert kneepads and elbow pads for Airsoft / Combat gear. Modern knees and elbows protectio..
Russian leather warm winter tactical boots,insulated comfort footwear.The GORE-TEX® membrane is a ve..
Gorka 5 Frog camo suit Russian Spetsnaz tactical FLEECE uniform, winter type on fleece lining with h..
Special long winter camo gloves from Russian Army. They cover the hand almost up to the elbow, detac..
Our new model 05106 "STRANGER" embodies the new developments of our company and global footwear manu..
Ripstop tactical khaki hat velcro cotton baseball cap. Tactical khaki baseball cap with velcro on fr..
Special military hat, made for Russian Spetsnaz troopers. Popular among airsofters and hikers. Desig..
Russian Army Spetsnaz Special Forces Sleeve Patch AK-47 Fist Size 100 x 75 mm ( 3.94 x 2.95 inch ) ..
Modern black military tactical field belt, made for Russian Army marines use. VKBO part, made of nyl..
This modern tactical gloves-mittens universal used by snipers in Russian army. Its popular..
Russian tactical Ammo load bearing vest Smerch-P (translated as Tornado) Features: - adjustabl..
Khaki modern tactical T-shirt GIURS (Гюрза), used with GORKA Special forces suits. Tactical GORKA un..
Russian tactical anatomical T-shirt "GYURZA" – MOSS FG Modern tactical T-shirt GYURZA. Made of hi..
Modern tactical T-shirt GYURZA. Made of high-quality fiber – peening. Jersey from it is not crochete..
Black modern tactical anatomical T-shirt GIURS (Гюрза), used with GORKA Special forces suits. Tactic..
Russian tactical Thunder combat shirt GIURZ MOSS pattern "Grom"  1)Shirts base consists of qua..
Modern tactical Russian demi-season extreme camo pants with fleece lining, Python black pattern. Per..
Assault combat vest "Rock" is designed to carry AK series magazines, as well as auxiliary equipment ..
Universal tactical leg bag for wearing on the thigh / hip, designed for tourists, hikers, comfortabl..
Warm camouflage ergonomic tactical gloves, made of modern softshell fabrics. Lightweight and compact..
Gorka 3 border guards mountain uniform, this camo is made for Federal Security Service Russian speci..
Russian Army MVD Spetsnaz Uniform Sleeve Patch Size 100 x 75 mm ( 3.94 x 2.95 inch ) ..
Russian Special Forces combat foam rubber joint protection, perfect Airsoft / Mlitary army knee &..
This model is most suitable both for army tasks in conditions of hot and moderate climate, and for o..
Special Forces Skull In a Beret Desert Military Game Airsoft Patch Size 100 mm ( 3.93 inches) ..
Sport / tactical leather fist gloves Olive model with Knuckles. Modern leather gloves with knuckles...
Sport / tactical leather fist gloves Сoyote model with Knuckles. Modern leather gloves with knuckles..
Russian uniform ACU is designed for Special Forces use. Modern Black Spider dark camouflage designed..
Tactical gloves 6SHA122 from Ratnik combat gear for sale, designed to reduce damage to hands during ..
Special military Russian assault vest Eger, made for carrying: 3 x 2 AK pouches, 4 x 1 grenade pouch..