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Russian Army Strategic Rocket Forces Uniform Sleeve Patch Size 90mm ( 3.54 inch ).   ..
Russian Army Rocket Forces dog tag - "If We Fall Asleep You Won't Wake Up" ..
Russian tactical summer season Python Rock camo military trousers . High quality Russian military qu..
Assault combat vest "Rock" is designed to carry AK series magazines, as well as auxiliary equipment ..
Russian Army RViA award badge "Excellent Soldier of Rocket Forces and Artillery". ..
Modern hunting / fishing / tactical boonie hat panama python rock mountain camouflage pattern cap fo..
Music fans RAMMSTEIN rock group metal dog tag. ..
Russian Army award RVSN badge "Excellent Soldier - Rocket Forces of Strategic Assignment". ..
Russian Army RVSN award badge "Rocket Forces of Strategic Assignment" - made of brass ..
Russian Army military order badge "ROCKET FORCES AND ARTILLERY of RUSSIA" ..
Russian Army Rocket Forces military badge "DUTY and HONOUR" ..
Russian Army RVSN badge "Rocket Forces of Strategic Assignment" - Eagle on Red Cross ..
Military Russian rocket forces RVSN badge. "Rocket Forces of Strategic Assignment" ..
Rocket Forces and Artillery of Russian Army metal military dog tag. ..
Modern Russian Spetsnaz uniform in Python Rock pattern. Designed for special forces use in urban env..
Soviet badge with rocket-torpedo USSR military ship. Aluminium badge, rocket-torpedo ship emblem. ..
BDU modern Russian Spetsnaz uniform SUMRAK twilight Python ROCK camouflage. This masking suit is per..