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INTERKOSMOS Soviet Space Mission Program Sleeve Patch  Size 90 mm ( 3.6 inches ) ..
USSR symbol - Red Star badge cockade with sickle and hammer. The badge is new, used in former Soviet..
Original USSR Military Submarine Commander jacket for sale, made of black / dark blue cotton. Comes ..
USSR Army red infantry shoulder boards from Russian Army surplus. The letters CA mean "Soviet Army"...
The badge (cockade) is new, made in former Soviet Union for USSR Army Officers. ..
Signs of law enforcement bodies of the USSR.For the employees of the interior of 1935-1936. ..
Embroidered patch of the best moba game in the world - DOTA 2. ..
Soviet Space Program VYMPEL "Diamond" Sleeve patch Size 90 mm ( 3.6 inches ) ..
SOYUZ-9 Soviet Space Mission Program Sleeve Patch 1970  Size 100 x 85 mm ( 3.94 x 3.35 inches ..
Stalker Chernobyl Zone game embroidered patch  Size 85 x 90 mm ( 3.35 x 3.6 inch ) ..
This order was established in Soviet Union in 1928, and was rewarded to persons and organisations an..
VOSKHOD-2 Soviet Russian Space Program Uniform Sleeve Patch. Embroidered. Souvenir. Size 100 x 75 m..
Uniform of Red Guards infantry soldiers. All items are USSR made and never used (like new condition)..
Soviet / Russian Naval USSR TROUSERS with Red stripes. Soviet pants with red piping used by Russian ..
Russian military sleeve patch shevron with red star, made for all troops use (combined arms). Authen..