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Soldiers / Officers backpack carry bag Russian Army model, knapsack also called sidr. Digital pixel ..
$34.44 $29.95
This backpack is called veschmeshok and rucksack, also sidr. Soviet Union issue, new old stock. Used..
Modern Russian Spetsnaz tactical backpack with extra soft slings Beaver, back and waist. Volume 25 l..
Russian Army patrol backpack "Senior Rifleman" 6B118 for sale, digital camouflage pattern. Charac..
$80.44 $74.95
RR raid backpacks 6B38 are designed for long hikes. Traditionally, the design of raidbacks includes ..
Individual bandaging package consists of a gauze bandage (7m x 10cm) and two gauze cotton pads (17.5..
6SHA117 modern combat system from Ratnik kit (Warrior) by Tehinkom. Consists of tactical MOLLE vest ..
Maccaron Ribbon yarn backpack. Handmade bags. Backpack for children and adults. Children are su..
Russian Army soldiers MRE nutritious food pack "IRP 3". Produced by PRODMASTER factory in Moscow. We..
Russian high rank Officers MRE pack. Weight of the pack 2.1kg, calorific value not less than 4582 kc..
100% waterproof fabric (nylon) RD-54 assault pack in Flora and Russian Digital patterns. This backpa..
Russian equipment Pouch for IPP (Individual dressing packets) or kits. SPON SSO ..
Russian Army raid backpack, made for Spetsnaz troopers use. Digital pixel pattern, modern surplus wi..
This backpack designed to use by Soviet soldiers in WWII. Made in Soviet Union 1940s. Like new condi..