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Soviet Naval metal SUBMARINE COMMANDER navy badge. USSR metal badge with Soviet submarine. ..
soviet navy metal SHIP COMMANDER badge. USSR naval badge with Soviet ship. ..
Small Soviet diver badge. This badge it is Soviet award given for ten excellent immersings. ..
Soviet SPETSNAZ DIVER metal badge M (MASTER) Class. New condition, hot enamel. ..
Metal Soviet badge "VMF DIVER INSTRUCTOR". New condition. ..
Soviet Naval Fleet VMF FLAG metal badge. The badge is new, Soviet Naval Fleet emblem. ..
Soviet VMF Special Assignment Troops metal badge. New condition. Hot enamel. ..
Soviet badge "VETERAN of VMF". The badge is new, Naval Fleet Veteran. Hot enamel. ..
Russian Navy military Officer warm winter jacket. Made of wool, thicked shoulders and elbows, neckli..
Ukrainian military women Officer parade white visor hat. The hat is new, used in USSR Naval Fleet by..