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Soviet Army issue water flask. Used by Russian soldiers and Officers. Made in of aluminiun on USSR m..
Order Of The Great Patriotic War (1st Class) - Soviet military award. The Order of the Patriotic War..
Soviet vintage plastic doll Naval Fleet Genuine blue-eyed Admiral doll. This is a perfect gift from ..
FES 6E2 flashlight military torch ФЭС 6Э2 with a helmet mount connector, consisting in service with ..
Soviet vintage plastic doll Infantry Genuine blue-eyed Marshall doll. This is a perfect gift from US..
Black military Russian Army leather boots, made for officers. Genuine leather, good military quality..
$84.95 $49.95
Military soldier kit: belt with star buckle, water flask and 2 bags connected to the belt. All items..
Soviet vintage plastic doll Infantry Soldier Genuine blue-eyed Officer doll. This is a perfec..
Statutory black boots of the old sample are made of genuine leather. Army boots do not have a lining..
The newest anti-fragmentation goggles 6B50 recently adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Feder..
Brand new, never used Tehinkom 6B43 assault body armor for sale, it is a means of individual protect..
Additional set of splinter armor for body armor 6b45 and 6b43. Shoulders and groin apron according t..
Russian body armor 6b45 RATNIK in digital camo pixel color, with MOLLE slots. Brand new vest ready f..
Modular tactical transport vest 6SH112 (6Ш112) is part of the UMBTS equipment of the armed forces of..
Genuine Russian winter hat ushanka, best condition (slightly used headdress).Made of authentic sheep..
Russian Spetsnaz bulletproof body armor Scorpion SK-5B. Made for special forces use, 3 and 5 class p..
Original USSR military 1sc class specialist badge for sale, used in Soviet Army in 60's - 70's (made..
Russian flask is made of dark glass, perfect condition water flask from Soviet Army, comes with canv..
 4AK-2RG-2RPS Russian equipment Pouch with silent clasp SPON SSO airsoft ..
Lot of 5 rare metal badges from Soviet Army collection: 3 class badges, Guards badge and Excellent S..
Soviet Army universal food kettle. Never used mess kit. The set consists of the kettle itself, the f..
Czech crystal flower vase made in the Czech Republic. Vaze for fruits vegetables and sweets. it..
Old Russian MOLNIJA Pilot wrist watch with transparent back, minutes and hours. Molniya (Lightning i..
Russian vintage black MOLNIJA Pilot wristwatch with transparent back. Molniya (Lightning in English)..
Cover SPON SSO for Russian military flask ..
Russian 1-st Class MVD SOLDIER metal badge. The badge is new, given to Russian MVD soldiers. ..
Russian 2-nd Class MVD SOLDIER metal badge. The badge is new, given to Russian MVD soldiers of Minis..
Established by Nicholas II, given for exploits during campaigns and wars. Diameter 29mm. ..
This medal was founded by Nicholas II, given for exploits during campaigns and wars. Made of silver...
Russian Army horseman badge "For excellent slashing" for cavalry and horse artillery since 1928. Hig..