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Original USSR Military Submarine Commander jacket for sale, made of black / dark blue cotton. Comes ..
Canvas case cover for AKSU-74 machine gun (short version of AK-74). Length of the bag 55cm or 21". I..
Game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." Faction special Monolith embroidery patch. ..
"Ratnik" is the Russian military soldier equipment, also referred to as the "soldier's kit of the fu..
FES 6E2 flashlight military torch ФЭС 6Э2 with a helmet mount connector, consisting in service with ..
Original Soviet Navy Flag from NAVAL MINISTER ship. Like new condition, various dimensions available..
USSR FUFAIKA old WW2 soldier jersey. Those jackets fufayka were used in USSR by Russian soldiers in ..
Metal dog tag from Airborne troops of Russian Army VDV with blue beret. ..
Soviet / Russian military warm winter trousers, usually used with fufaika jacket. Perfect windproof ..
$34.95 $29.95
Black woolen Officers coat, designed for Soviet / Russian Navy sailors winter use. 6 buttons with an..
Modern BTK VKBO raincoat has the following features: - Breathable fabric with wind / waterproof mem..
Original Bars camouflage uniform. Consist of anorak and trousers. Camouflage is gray birch (berezka)..
Set of 10 Military and Navy hat cockade badges from Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian armies. All badges..
Soviet Army universal food kettle. Never used mess kit. The set consists of the kettle itself, the f..
Old Russian narrow plates from USSR Army with MO stamp, new old stock unused aluminum dishes. Made f..
Russian modern tactical urban Assault leather boots COBRA 12011. This model is made for classic tact..
Military boots from Russian Army issue. Designed for Officers and Spetsnaz troopers demi-season use...
Embroidery patch showing all blood types of the Russian soldiers. I (0) Rh+, I (0) Rh-, II (A) Rh+, ..
Bronze copper bust, height 11cm. Stepan Bandera - Ukrainian politician, ideologue and theoretician o..
Vladimir Lenin served as head of government of the Russian Republic from 1917 to 1918, of the Russia..
Commander of ships connection Soviet Navy flag with star. Made of wool, not used authentic USSR item..
Game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Fraction "Duty" embroidery sleeve patch. ..
Black leather high tactical boots HUNTER 5021. Made of genuine leather, TPE sole (strong, elastic, r..
Military woolen winter overcoat, made for Soviet Infantry General use. Long coat with red piping, go..
Russian black Ushanka hat, made of genuine leather and authentic fur. Headdress designed for Russian..
Ukraine traditional clothing vyshivanka with elements of Ukrainian ethnic ornamental embroidery. T-s..
Genuine leather military Officer boots from Russian Army. Made in Moscow (military factory stamp ins..
Russian Army soldiers military dog tag "Who Comes to Us with Sword will Die from Sword" ..
Red army military green shoulder boards for sale. With an inscription CA (Soviet Army). New conditio..