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Antimagnetic military wristwatch from Russian Army Ratnik equipment authentic 6E4-1, self-winding, 2..
Masking suit of the new generation Ratnik BARS "Amoeba" - "North" (double-sided) BDU. Was created fo..
Special white masking suit in blot pattern klaksa for Russian army snipers use. Consists of trousers..
Special military Russian assault vest Eger, made for carrying: 3 x 2 AK pouches, 4 x 1 grenade pouch..
Russian body armor 6b45 RATNIK in digital camo pixel color, with MOLLE slots. Brand new vest ready f..
Russian Army special military sniper camouflage hat KLMK digital birch camo cap Berezka.   ..
Modular tactical transport vest 6SH112 (6Ш112) is part of the UMBTS equipment of the armed forces of..
Soviet Army military uniform - Russian gimnasterka (jacket) + portupeya belt with Makarov PM holster..
Special night underwear designed for Russian army officers use. Modern military quality mesh clothin..
PNV-10T Russian military night vision device for sale, generation 2+, it is designed for night obser..
Special warm winter gloves, made for Russian Army soldiers and officers. Digital flora pattern, also..
Desert version of Ratnik uniform suit desert military full combat kit for Russian soldiers. Latest m..
Russian Army special forces OMON (S.W.A.T.) military Spetsnaz hat black cap. All sizes available. ..
Special military Russian tactical vest Smersh RPK, made for use with Kalashnikov RPK light machine g..
6SHA117 modern combat system from Ratnik kit (Warrior) by Tehinkom. Consists of tactical MOLLE vest ..