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Soviet Army Infantry Lieutenant Russian khaki uniform. Uniform of the officer of the Soviet Army bel..
Soviet Golden bust of communist Russian revolutionary Lenin. Vladimir Lenin served as head of govern..
Soviet vintage plastic doll Infantry Genuine blue-eyed Marshall doll. This is a perfect gift from US..
Bronze bust of The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, officially known as the Tre..
Special Russian hiking Adrianov compass, working sharp, worn on the hand. Like new condition, made i..
Russian Woolen Navy Dark Blue USSR Officer's Overcoat. Those jackets were used on Soviet Navy Fleet...
Russian Army woolen USSR Officer's black overcoat with astrakhan fur collar. Sheep wool inside and A..
Original Soviet Navy Red flag with sickle and hammer, dimensions: 160cm x 80cm. The condition of the..
Soviet Marshal USSR parade high rank shoulder Boards shirt and jacket type with handmade embroidery ..
Khaki military officers visor hat. Used in Russian Army in Soviet Union during the end 1980s. High-q..
Soviet vintage plastic doll Infantry Soldier Genuine blue-eyed Officer doll. This is a perfec..
Russian military visor cap, made for USSR Army Officers of Internal Troops. New and never used, come..
People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs military genuine leather brown coat for sale, made for Rus..
Embroidery USSR patch with Sickle and Hammer on the Globe - Arms of Soviet Union. Diameter 8cm. ..
Vintage Soviet Military Hospital pajama USSR Russian bathrobe. Soviet bathrobe from 1980-s with 2 po..
Vintage Soviet Military Hospital pajama USSR Russian sleeping wear. Soviet pajamas from the 1980-s, ..
Soviet Union order Award medal "Order of Stalin". ..
Soviet pants with blue piping made for Russian Naval Aviation Generals. New, never used. Made in USS..
Soviet pants with red piping used by Naval Admirals. New, never used. Made in USSR. ..
Soviet Union Russian Military Leather Warm Boots Air Force USSR   ​Soviet leather boots w..
USSR Officer's Woolen Uniform with Karakul Collar and papakha. Russian military warm uniform (karaku..
USSR Black Overcoat, made for officers winter use, good military quality, like a new condition. ..
USSR winter General Black Russian Suede Leather Overcoat, made  on USSR military factory. Warm&..
Soviet General’s daily shoulder boards. Green epaulets with embroidery stars. Soviet generals used t..
Soviet General’s parade shoulder boards. Golden epaulets with embroidery stars. Soviet generals..
Collection of 100 / 500 / 1000 Soviet, Russian and international badges and insignias. Nice conditio..
Molnija Mechanical Soviet watch USSR military wristwatch "Molniya" - a watch brand produced by th..
Authentic Soviet sling for use with Russian Mosin nagant. It has buckle for length adjustment, leath..
Russian Army Military Cape Masking Soviet Black Cloak. This Slicker was used by Soviet troops during..
Russian Army military Soviet Khaki shoulder bag. This kind of bags was in use to carry on and store ..