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Custom made Dog tags stainless steel chain Russian tactical military uniform Dog tag Our custom-m..
Red Army Sergeant's Vintage Earflap winter ushanka Genuine fur & wool Russian troops headwear Mi..
USSR Army red infantry shoulder boards from Russian Army surplus. The letters CA mean "Soviet Army"...
Assault winter boots Russian Army T2/2 Camo nubuck boots Military boots, made for Russian Army sp..
Modern Russian Tactical T3 Orange Chrome boots with leather lining Military boots, made for Russi..
Original Limited Russian army RADIATION INDICATOR Version СИГ - РМ1208 or SIG - RM1208 Wri..
Original Russian Army Officer's military gray coat perfect Soviet military raincoat Vintage Russi..
Russian Army motorized rifle troops Uniform Sleeve Patch Size 90 mm ( 3.54 inch )   ..
Russian Army Railway Troops Uniform Sleeve Patch Size 90mm ( 3.54 inch ). ​ ..
Russian Army Special Forces T2 Nubuck Ankle Boots Military boots, made for Russian Army special t..
Soviet Airborne troops blue beret hat. New, never used Russian VDV hat. Comes with USSR pin badge. ..
Russian Special Forces Assault T3 Tactical nubuck boots (5 colors) Military boots, made for Russi..
Russian Tactical Blue Chrome M130 Boots for airsoft and outdoor activities Military boots, made f..
Russian Tactical T3 nubuck Assault winter boots (5 colors) Military boots, made for Russian Army ..
Russian army airborne troops sweatshirt VDV striped t-shirt telnyashka blue stripes. Worn by paratro..
Metal dog tag from Airborne troops of Russian Army VDV with blue beret. ..
Russian VDV summer Digital camo military helmet Airborne Troops, made for Russian airborne forces. P..
Russian military visor cap, made for USSR Army Officers of Internal Troops. New and never used, come..
Marine troops in ISIS complete Russian military summer uniform for sale. Modern development digital ..
Russian NBC military mechanical wrist watch Molniya "Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection Tro..
Special Russian badge for sale, screw back, made for Cossacks use (Syberian Cossack Troops). Sign "T..
Russian military dog tag - tank troops metal Army name tag. ..
USSR infantry army General uniform Russian Forces shoulder boards. Used with field overcoat and jack..
75 years Anniversary Airborne Troops Paratrooper badge. The badge is new, given to Spetsnaz Paratroo..
Russian Airborne troops VDV metal dog tag. Power, Courage, Valour. ..
Soviet Army Artillery Troopers embroidery patch. ..
Russian Army Engineer troops professional military sleeve patch. ..
Russian Army embroidery patch with tiger - Internal Troops East district. Dimensions 10 x 10cm or 4"..
Military embroidery patch with lizard - Russian Army Internal Troops Ural district. Dimensions 10 x ..
Military Russian embroidery patch with deer - Internal Troops Volga district. Dimensions 10 x 10cm o..