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The badge (cockade) is new, used in Russian Army. Double eagle Russian Arms with victorious George. ..
Combat tactical goggles 6B34 provide protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposure to ..
BDU masking suit of the new generation Ratnik BARS Russian digital pixel camouflage (double-sided). ..
USSR Army belt, made for Russian officers use. Genuine leather, good military quality, new. Width of..
Soviet Army issue military shovel used by Soviet sappers and soldiers in WW2 times and in Russian Ar..
Special edition rare Soviet tankman helmet for sale, made in khaki fabrics, size 58-60, new old stoc..
Russian Army black military wide belt, made for Officers use. Genuine leather, new condition, belt w..
Black military Russian Army leather boots, made for officers. Genuine leather, good military quality..
$97.69 $54.95
Russian Army Olive parka warm Jacket military winter coat with hood, designed for Army / Navy Office..
Military soldier kit: belt with star buckle, water flask and 2 bags connected to the belt. All items..
Special military hat, made for Russian Spetsnaz troopers. Popular among airsofters and hikers. Desig..
Stechkin pistol hoster made in Russian digital camouflage. APS cover is made for MOLLE system but al..
Modern black military tactical field belt, made for Russian Army marines use. VKBO part, made of nyl..
Russian modern BDU tactical camouflage uniform Gorka 3E Frog pattern, also called Partizan. Translat..
$149.95 $129.95
Combat discharge system "Tiger" load bearing vest allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the ..
Soviet Army border guards hat badge cocarde for sale, used by Russian frontier guards on visor hats...
Special Russian hiking Adrianov compass, working sharp, worn on the hand. Like new condition, made i..
Individual bandaging package consists of a gauze bandage (7m x 10cm) and two gauze cotton pads (17.5..
Hat badge with anchor and double eagle (cockade) is new, crab made for Russian Fleet navy Officers u..
Multicam version of Gorka 3 famous uniform, these suits were developed and are still in use by the R..
Costume GORKA-3 (with buttons) Fabric - 100% cotton - tent cloth with VO impregnation. High-q..
A set of elongated underwear consists of a sweatshirt and pants. A sweatshirt with a round neck, an ..
Statutory short thermal underwear from the VKPO kit. It is intended for use by personnel of the Arme..
Summer camouflage twilight suit SUMRAK Milticam pattern. High-quality special cut tactical military ..
Naval military Russian Officers demi-season overcoat, made for USSR Navy Fleet. Like new condition, ..
"ORDER OF LENIN" - Highest Soviet Award medal given for special merits. High quality Russian replica..
This modern tactical gloves-mittens universal used by snipers in Russian army. Its popular..
Russian summer military camouflage hat Frog pattern. Used with uniforms and for airsoft, perfectly l..
Special forces Russian military high black boots with quick lacing feature. Genuine leather, tactica..
Powerful modern assault system Beetle is equipped with a functional system of belts and suspenders, ..