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Summer Russian tactical camouflage hat IZLOM (Fracture) pattern. Mostly used with uniforms and for a..
In model 0108 "TACTICS LUX CAMO MULTI" the advanced developments are embodied. One of them is a rubb..
The model is made of genuine chrome leather in combination with a high-quality sole with a protector..
High-quality materials are used in this model. The most important qualities are water and wear resis..
This model is most suitable both for army tasks in conditions of hot and moderate climate, and for o..
High-quality materials are used in this model. Boots are made of genuine Velor leather, and in the m..
Soviet pants with red piping used by Naval Admirals. New, never used. Made in USSR. ..
NKVD WW2 Soviet soldier blue pants galife, model M35. Used from 1943 to 1955 by border guard forces ..
NKVD WW2 Soviet soldier khaki pants galife, model M35. Used from 1943 to 1955 by border guard f..
NKVD WW2 Soviet soldier khaki uniform, model M35. Used from 1939 to 1955 by border guard forces of S..
NKVD WW2 Soviet soldier uniform. Used from 1943 to 1955 by border guard forces of Soviet Army. Consi..
Statutory black boots of the old sample are made of genuine leather. Army boots do not have a lining..
Parade khaki uniform of Russian airborne troopers VDV. Consists of jacket with blue shoulder boards,..
Black woolen Officers coat, designed for Soviet / Russian Navy sailors winter use. 6 buttons with an..
Khaki military Afghanistan officers visor hat. Used in Russian Army in Soviet Union by officers duri..
New, unused Russian military hat, they were worn in WWII times by Soviet NKVD Officers (People's Com..
Soviet Army WWII Infantry Generals pants with red piping. New condition, never used Russian wide mil..
Soviet NAVAL AVIATION parade white / creamy uniform. The kit consists of: Parade Jacket and Parade P..
Soviet Union Officer's jacket Russian Army WWII wear. Consists of wool and cotton, was used in ..
Soviet Army winter white ushanka hat. Made for Officers use with white overcoat. Genuine sheep fur, ..
Russian winter white fur earflaps ushanka hat for sale. Made for Officers use, warm and stylish. Whi..
Intelligence scout set 6B46 consists of a Battle Chest BNZ (БНЗ), pouches and Assault Backpack RK-SH..
Modular tactical transport vest 6SH112 (6Ш112) is part of the UMBTS equipment of the armed forces of..
Independent sources of heat 'AIST 6E3 '- individual disposable warmers. The set includes 4 pieces of..
Balaclava assault Russian digital camouflage for sale - this balaclava combines a mask and a hood, i..
New Russian green beret hat, never used. This beret type is used by special units of Russian army Bo..
Brand new, never used Tehinkom 6B43 assault body armor for sale, it is a means of individual protect..
Additional set of splinter armor for body armor 6b45 and 6b43. Shoulders and groin apron according t..
Balaclava assault Russian Border Guards modern camo - this balaclava combines a mask and a hood, it ..
Military cover for 6B47 modern Ratnik helmets, Russian Digital camouflage pattern. With connections ..