Russian air force pilot Shevretka US 52 brown leather military jacket size 62

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Russian Air Force military pilot leather jacket for sale. Left front pocket contains cord for the gun. This classic model is the most popular among the people who were associated with aviation during the times of the Soviet Union. Shevretka was the pride of its owner. Today, this flying jacket is not just a pleasant memory for aviators, it is a practical, comfortable in all plans, and can be worn at any time of the year. Leather jacket can be worn in rainy weather - high-quality beef leather, even in the manufacturing process at the combine, undergoes special treatment, which repels moisture and allows the jacket to remain dry inside. Removable padding on the batting will warm you in the winter, and the length of the jacket and straight leg allow you to wear it with a jacket. In windy cold weather, a leather jacket will also protect you from the cold, and by raising the collar you will close yourself from blowing the wind inside.

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