Gorka 3 Russian Federal Border Guards tactical military uniform suit

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Gorka 3 border guards mountain uniform, this camo is made for Federal Security Service Russian special forces use. Designed for everyday demi-season wear, comfortable loose jacket and trousers with camo inserts, usually worn over military / civil clothing. Five pockets on the jacket and trousers with 6 pockets allow to arrange all necessary equipment items. Specially designed to operate in the field terrains of mountainous regions. System of rubber bands and ties provides protection from strong winds, extreme temperatures and dust. Double elastic on sleeves, dust caps on the bottom. Gum-ties on the belt and hem of the jacket, hood tightly adjacent to the collar. Gorka-3 suit is the best choice for combat tasks, airsoft gamings, hunting, fishing and active rest.

Suspenders aren't included to the Gorka set.

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