Russian Tactical Military Boots Garsing 0339 / O / MO / P "Saboteur"

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The model was developed for actions associated with overcoming rough terrain. If your summer trip is designed for several days, then we are talking about tens of kilometers on foot. Sneakers won't work for you. You need good shoes!

That is why the specialists of our company have developed a line of hybrid models with the characteristics of army boots and the convenience of trekking sneakers.
This model uses high quality upper materials. Boots are made of genuine leather "Velor", and the model also has inserts made of extra-strong nylon fabric. Parts subject to maximum wear are protected by rubberized pads for maximum protection.

For additional comfort, a two-layer comfortable sole in the EVA + rubber composition is used. This combination in the soles is used by all the world's leading manufacturers, achieving maximum protection and comfort for your feet.

This line has already passed successful tests in the officer units of the Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus and received the highest marks from testers.

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