Russian Military Tactical Boots Garsing 1070 / 1070 O "Policeman"

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We are pleased to announce an updated version of our already famous among customers model 1070 "Policeman". After a series of tests in the special units of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, as well as the Special Forces of the Interior Ministry of Kazakhstan "Berkut", the model was launched in production. It's worth paying attention to a more convenient "mountain" outsole, which analogues are used by many foreign brands of military shoes. It provides excellent shok absorption due to the increased thikness of the heeland the outsole itself; also it has "stiffening rib", which increases the stability on almost any surface and is vibration dampening while "slippage". The functionality of the implements has been greatly improved. These loops provide more ease way of lacing  and unlacing shoe, and a special coating will not let them become rusty. We changed th eprotection side material from damage, and it now has a defferent structure and abrasion resistant. Optimal boot height and a special folding at the fold of ankle significantly reduce foot fatigue during long crossing. This model is made of hydrophobic leather and has a membrane lining. The combination of these materials creates an excellent protection for your feet from getting wet. In general, the updated 1070 O "Policeman" is for those who know what the long-term crossing are over rugged terrain. And the attractive appearance allows them to be worn with civilian clothes.

Technical characteristics 1070 O "Policeman":
Top: combined: natural suede split leather with hydrophobic covering, nylon fabric, leather "Matrix".
Lining: lining material with membrane "Comfotex".
Outsole: double-layer: Rubber + PU.
Method of the sole attachment: glued construction.
Toe-cap: forced, thermoplastic material.
Counter: tough, thermoplastic material.
Quarter height: 120+-3 mm.
Stitched tongue .
Implement: slugs, hooks

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