Russian military MRE camo

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Russian Army military MRE (meal ready to eat) daily food ration IRP-2 - balanced set of fats and carbohydrates for officers and commanders nutrition. Package contents: Breads (biscuits): 4 packs; Beef noisettes 250g, Bacon salty 100g, Dried fish 20g, pate a gentle 50g, spam 50g; buckwheat porridge with beef 250g, goulash with potatoes 250g; vegetable ragout 100g; Fruit Concentrate 3 x 25g; Cheese Sterilized 80g; Fruit jam 45g; Puree with fruit and berries 100g; Dark chocolate 30g; Black tea 2 x 2g; Instant coffee 2g; Dry cream 2g; Sugar 3 x 20g; Salt 5g; Pepper 1g; Multivitamin tablet x 1; Chewing gum - 10 drops; Water disinfection tablet 3 x 1g; Portable warmer; Water resist matches x 6; Disinfectant wipes for hands x 3; Napkins x 3; Plastic spoon x 3. Weight of the pack 2+ kg.

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