Lenin 140 years Anniversary Communist award medal

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Russian anniversary medal with Vladimir Lenin.

1. Medal to commemorate 140 anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin established by decree of the Presidium of the Central Committee Communist Party. This decision determines the shape and appearance of the Users, establishes the procedure for awarding.

2. Medal to commemorate 140 anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin "(hereinafter - the medal) awarded to active Communists and supporters of the party attending the party to organize the struggle of the working people for their economic and political rights, agitation and propaganda of ideas of social equality, friendship and brotherhood among peoples, for peace and socialism on the planet. Medal is awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

3. The medal is oval shield, framed by gold laurel branches, topped by a red banner with the inscription "VI Lenin. In the central part of the obverse Users on a round shield, placed relief VI Lenin. In the branches of a laurel wreath woven ribbon with the dates "1870-2010". At the base of the wreath is a shield with the inscription "140 years". The reverse is decorated with the emblem of the Communist Party Users. The medal is attached to the pentagonal block, framed by a red moiré ribbon with gold and blue stripes. The medal is made of bright gilt bronze and worn on the left side of his chest.

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