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Russian Army airsoft ballistic protective goggles 6B34

Russian Army airsoft ballistic protective goggles 6B34
Product Description:

Combat tactical goggles 6B34 provide protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposure to open flame. New generation of Russian protective eyewear 6B34 is characterized by the following parameters:
- Increased ballistic resistance
- Lens thickness 6,5 mm made of optically clear polycarbonate and has first optical class, allowing a pair of eyeglasses to wear continiously with great panoramic view without distortion
- Anti-shock survivability
- Lens has high strength protective coating from scratches and anti-fog coating
- Polyurethane body has high mechanical strength, comfortably adapted to any face type, protects the skin and eyes from dust, collects damp from the face and provides ventilation
Spetsnaz modern protection military equipment, also perfect for airsoft.



AirMail: $20


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