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Universal military dosimeter - radiometer MKS-U Geiger Counter

Universal military dosimeter - radiometer MKS-U Geiger Counter
Product Description:

Professional military digital Geiger Counter MKS Universal. Purpose: Measurement of equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma and X-ray radiation. Measurement of equivalent dose (ED), gamma-and X-rays. Measurement of surface flux of beta particles. Measurement of time savings equivalent dose of gamma and X-ray radiation.
Features: Automatic selection of measurement intervals and ranges. Audio signaling of each detected gamma ray or beta particle. Digital display with backlight and controls in the dark. Charging the battery of five nickel-cadmium AA size batteries with built-in charger: Helio batteries of staff; from 12V car battery; 220V/50Hz industrial network with a voltage converter. Multi-level indication of discharge power. Ability to work under conditions of precipitation, haze and immersion remote detector in the water to a depth of 0.5 m. Measurement of emergency levels of gamma radiation EDR delivery remote detector at a distance of 30 m. The presence of an analog indicator of the intensity of the radiation. Able to write to nonvolatile memory with further transfer to a PC via infrared port to 4096 results. Ability to view the recorded measurement results on the integrated digital display. Ability to operate in the personal protection (rubber gloves). Wide operating temperature range (-40 ... +50 ° C). Digital display resistance to temperatures up to +95 ° C. The device includes: discharge of gamma detectors Geiger-Mueller counting without reverse characteristics; silicon detector of beta-radiation; Emergency gamma detector of the type "Seldom" (scintillator-photodiode). Full package: control with combined combined gamma-, beta-detecting unit; solar battery; short telescoping boom for the detection unit with clip for attaching to your belt; cable for charging from a car battery 12V (10m); Adapter 220V - 12V; Nickel-cadmium batteries (5 pcs., size AA); head phones; cassette with a control source of radiation (137Cs); packing a suitcase; User manual; form. Express courier shipping - tracking number e-mailed after the payment is made. This product is not for resale via (PayPal only).



AirMail: $100


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